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Studies Currently In Process or Recently Completed

  • Opportunities In Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene: The Continuing Evolution - An updated and detailed analysis of the global UHMW-PE industry and business opportunities in production, marketing & use of this PE specialty. This new study expands and adds to our 2011 report, focusing in particular on the impact of advanced new technologies such as:
    • New single-site catalyst technologies are being commercialized that offer very broad control of molecular structure as well as significantly improved next-generation UHMW-PE products
    • Technologies to produce disentangled UHMWE-PE are being developed that could yield melt processable products for low cost conversion by extrusion or molding 
    • New technologies to make high modulus fibers and tapes have been commercialized that significantly expand the market potential of UHMW-PE in applications such as rope & cable
    • New suppliers of UHMW-PE have entered the market, and existing suppliers are expanding into new geographies, changing the global competitive landscape. Due for publication in Q1, 2015

  • LyondellBasell's New Bimodal Polyethylene Process: The Ultimate Evolution?
    • LyondellBasell has developed a new low pressure process configuration for production of multi-modal linear PE that combines the superb product range capabilities of the Hostalen ACP technology with the low cost of Spherilene and the versatility of Spherizone. It now appears that this technology is ready for full scale deployment. This study presents a detailed techno-economic analysis of the new LyondellBasell process as well as similarly detailed analyses of its two closest competitors - Hostalen ACP and a cascade loop slurry process. Due for publication in Q4, 2014.

Studies Recently Completed:
  • Opportunities In 


     Molecular Weight Polyethylene -
     The Industry Revival 
    • A Detailed Analysis of The Global UHMW-PE Industry and Business Opportunities in the Production and Marketing of This Specialty Polyolefin. Published in 2011.

  • Bi-modal Polyethylene Processes 
    • An in depth evaluation and comparison of processes to make bimodal polyethylene. Published in 2008.

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