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Ken Sinclair, Principal, STA*Research 

Ken Sinclair is the Principal of STA*Research (Foothill Ranch, California (Los Angeles area), USA), a consultancy specializing in the strategic interpretation of technology for the plastics industries. Mr. Sinclair has more than 30 years experience as a consultant to the petrochemicals and polymers industries. He is a specialist in polyolefin technology, and specifically in the relationships between catalyst/process combinations and the structures, properties, applications, markets, and costs of polymers produced. His primary aim is to provide the industry with insights into the role of technology and its exploitation in the achievement of competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A frequent speaker at international conferences, he has authored a number of articles published in leading industry journals, has lectured on polyolefin manufacturing & technology, and has conducted many private seminars on competitive strategies, research planning, technology interpretation, and process evaluation in the polyolefin industry. He has been the prime author of several multiclient studies on polyolefins technology, markets, and business management that are recognized worldwide as benchmark studies in this field.

A chemical engineer with a BSc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, Mr. Sinclair spent 8 years with chemical plant contractors in the United Kingdom, followed by 6 years as a Consultant with Chem Systems International (now Nexant, Inc.) in London, and 16 years as a Senior Consultant with SRI International in California. He left SRI at the beginning of 1996 to set up STA*Research.


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About 20 presentations at international polyolefins industry conferences, with an emphasis on polyolefin technology (catalyst, process & product) and the dynamics of new product introduction in this industry. These included presentations during the 1980s and 1990s to meetings of the CMRA, AICHE, SPE, ACS and SPI Canada. Also authored two articles published in leading chemical industry journals.