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Completed Projects - Catalyst Studies 

  • Analysis of the catalyst business of a leading producer of polyolefin catalysts, including market share estimates by catalyst type, revenue projections, and potential technology licensing revenues.
  • For a leading polyolefin technology developer: Development of a detailed analysis of the cost structure of polypropylene, including specific specialty grades made with advanced catalyst technologies.
  • For a specialty chemicals producer: Preparation of an analysis of the global market for polypropylene and polyethylene catalysts, demand projections by type, value projections, competitor positioning, key factors for success.
  • Leader of perhaps the most comprehensive analysis to date of all developments in the field of metallocenes and other single-site polyolefin catalysts, to set the state-of-the-art benchmark for these revolutionary technologies. This study required the evaluation of several hundred patents and more than one thousand literature references germane to the field.
  • To one of the world's foremost catalyst research organizations: Advisor on opportunities in SSC-based polymers other than volume polyolefins.
  • For a major supplier of linear PE catalysts contemplating entry into supply of PP catalysts: A survey and assessment of the type of PP catalysts being used in each PP plant worldwide. The project also involved the identification of key factors for success, evaluation of the competitive position of current catalyst systems, and assessment of the performance, cost, and likely impact of new catalyst systems under development by technology leaders (including metallocene catalyst systems).
  • For a specialty chemical producer: Projection of the rate of penetration of metallocene catalysts into the global PE, PP, and EP(D)M rubber production infrastructure, the likely performance, productivity, and cost contribution of metallocene systems to polymer costs, the corresponding premium revenues that may be achieved for metallocene-based polyolefins by users of metallocenes, and hence the potential revenue stream available to developers and suppliers of metallocene catalyst systems.
  • For a supplier of Ziegler-Natta catalysts: Projection of market shares of competing catalyst systems (Z-N, Cr, and metallocene systems), the comparative activities and productivities in different reaction systems, projections of prices and price trends for each system, and the resulting sales revenue stream for this supplier's future business strategy.
  • Scoping analysis of the costs of producing metallocene catalysts.
  • For a catalyst supplier and, separately, for a fine chemical producer: Preparation of background material on SSC technology and its impact on the plastics industry, and advice to senior management on the implications for the company and its strategy development.