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Market & Technology/Market Interface Analysis

  • Participation in an innovation workshop for a leading producer of plastic coated webs.
  • For a consortium contemplating investments in bio-based polymers: Development of a value proposition for bio-based plastics, and global projections of demand for biodegradable polymers.
  • Prime author of the technology analyses, technology/market interface analyses, and demand projections for PE, PP and polymer nanocomposites included in the above-listed multiclient studies.
  • For a leading polypropylene producer: Projections of regional demand for polypropylene by end-use as well as by product grade, including assessment of the impact on markets of new catalyst, product, & process technologies, the rate of penetration of SSC-based grades into existing markets, and the net increase in demand in new end-uses utilizing novel SSC-based and other products.
  • For one of the world's largest plastics producers: Projections of the impact of SSC technologies on markets in Asia for bulk plastics (PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET), elastomers (EPR, EPDM, PU), and engineering plastics (PC, ABS, PBT, PA).
  • For a leading healthcare company: Preparation and presentation of an overview of SSC technology and its relevance to the healthcare industry, and advice to R & D staff on materials development.
  • Participation in an innovation workshop for a household products company seeking new opportunities through innovative SSC-based materials and new product design. Follow-up work involved specific advice on the characteristics of new polymer products, identification of promising product options, and ranking of possible technology partners.
  • For a plastics additives supplier: Projections of the penetration of SSC-based products into global markets for polyolefins and olefin elastomers.
  • For a leading polyolefin technology developer: Analysis of potential markets for a novel SSC-based specialty olefin polymer, projections of ultimate market potential, rate of market penetration/growth, possible pricing and differential margins, and potential sales revenues and profitability.
  • For a prospective licensee of polyethylene manufacturing technology: Analysis of local and regional markets for a specific range of technical PE grades, the current competitive structures for supply of these grades, assessment of the impact of SSCs on competitive structures, manufacturing technologies for these grades available for license, and ranking of technology licensing options.
  • A prime contributor to the development of an advanced system to simulate inter-material competition and substitution.
  • Analysis of the dynamics of inter-material competition in markets served by current & likely future polyolefin resins, and projection of demand for all competing materials in 90% of flexible plastics packaging markets in North America.