Technology Studies

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Completed Projects - Technology Analysis & Evaluation

  • Preparation of a cost comparison of process technologies for bi-modal HDPE and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of each technology serving this sector.
  • For a producer of specialty high pressure polyolefins: Development of an updatable cost benchmarking model for specific specialty grades.
  • For a leading producer of elastomeric extrusions, evaluation of the cost structures of novel SSC-based elastomeric polyolefins as well as advanced TPO products.
  • For a leading Asian polyolefin producer: Benchmarking of product and catalyst technologies developed by the company for HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE/EVA, PP, and PP and PE compounds.
  • For a leading single-site catalyst developer: Assessment of the technology and economics of production of a novel engineering thermoplastic, including outline process definition, flowsheet development, outline engineering design and plant costing. Assessment of potential markets, competitive position vs. incumbent materials, pricing & demand development scenarios.
  • For a leading producer of elastomers: Preparation of a detailed analysis of the latest generation of SSC-based gas-phase and high-temperature solution phase technologies for EPR and EPDM.
  • For a leading polypropylene technology licensor: Critique of its medium- and long-term catalyst, process, and product technology forecasts.
  • In a legal dispute between polyolefin producers: Expert witness on polypropylene catalyst, process, and product technology, industry competition, and technology licensing.
  • Feasibility studies & economic evaluation of polyolefin manufacturing processes.
  • Evaluation of the latest generation of gas phase process for production of PE, and projection of probable future improvements in plant output and production costs.
  • Cost benchmarking of every HDPE, LLDPE, and LDPE production line in North America, and estimated profitability.
  • Cost benchmarking of every PP production line in North America.
  • Economic comparison of all licensed technologies for production of linear PE, including gas-phase, solution-phase, and slurry-phase processes.
  • Scoping evaluation of gas phase fluid bed polyolefin processes in the production of non-polyolefin products such as PVC, elastomers, and engineering thermoplastics.
  • Scoping evaluation of the production of ethylene/carbon monoxide copolymers in a slurry phase polyolefin process.
  • Evaluation of technology to make a new range of olefin elastomers.
  • Technology reviews and process economic evaluations of:
    • High-pressure tubular and autoclave reactor processes to make LDPE.
    • A liquid pool bulk slurry process to make polypropylene
    • A batch slurry process to make chlorinated polyethylene
    • A medium pressure solution process to make LLDPE
    • A process to make polyacetal resins
  • For a major polyolefin producer evaluating process technology options for its next expansion: A detailed cost comparison of 20 alternative technologies and configurations for a broad range of specific product grades.
  • For a bank that financed the project: PP plant technical assessment and technical representative during startup and through final performance trials.
  • Feasibility study and licensor selection for PP and PE technologies for a petrochemical complex in South America. Activities included the solicitation of offers from licensors, evaluation of offers, plant visits, detailed discussions with licensors, product range assessment, economic evaluation, and final ranking of offers.
  • For a new polyolefin producer in the Middle East: Full feasibility study including definitive cost estimates, licensor evaluation, and licensor selection for PE, MEG, and EB/Styrene.