Multiclient Studies

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Multiclient Studies Already Published by STA*Research 

  • "Polyethylene Technology Reviews: Overviews Of The Technology Strategies And Competitive Positions Of Leading Polyethylene Producers," published by STA*Research between January 2003 and January 2004. A series of in-depth reviews of 12 leading polyethylene producers: their corporate structures, research & development resources, polyethylene catalyst, process and product technologies, current industry involvement and production capacity, technological strengths & weaknesses and apparent polyethylene technology strategies.
  • "The Financial Impact of Metallocenes on the Global Polyethylene Industry," published by STA*Research, November 1998. A detailed analysis of the effects of metallocene and other SSC technologies on markets for ethylene-based polymers, projections of global demand for LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE (including the effects of metallocenes/SSCs on demand and inter-product substitutions), and projections of incremental margins, net cash flow & present value accruing to the global PE industry through the use of metallocenes/SSCs.
  • "Ultimate Polypropylene Market Potential," co-authored by STA*Research and published by Bins & Associates, September 1999. A detailed analysis of the ultimate market potential for polypropylene and the market response to new catalyst and process technologies such as SSCs and advanced Ziegler-Natta catalysts. This included analysis of inter-material substitution, market dynamics, and projected demand for new and existing products in all market sectors.
  • "Overview of Nanocomposite Opportunities," co-authored by STA*Research and published by Bins & Associates, August 2001. A cost-effective source of authoritative information on polymer nanocomposite technologies, their current status in the industry, and their direction & growth in the medium-term future.
  • "Nanocomposite Market Opportunities," co-authored by STA*Research and published by Bins & Associates, January 2001. This in-depth study provides detailed benchmarks for the state-of-the-art in polymer nanocomposite technology and production economics through the value chain from raw materials to nano-particles to composites, together with assessments of future market potential based on market input from technology-leading processors and end-users. Assessments are given of the net incremental revenues accruing to the global plastics industry through the use of nanocomposite technologies with a broad range of polymers from volume polyolefins, to engineering plastics, elastomers, and thermosetting resins.

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