STA*Research - Specialist Consultants To The Petrochemical Industry


About Us

STA*Research was formed in 1996 by Ken Sinclair as a consultancy with a specialized focus:

the strategic interpretation of technology

Initially, we focused on the global polyolefins industry, leveraging Ken's 20 years of consulting expertise in this domain to provide strategic guidance to polyethylene and polypropylene producers. Almost 25 years later, our focus has broadened to cover two domains: Materials and Motility.


The Climate-Driven Transformation

Like it or not, the world has entered a period of rapid transformation that will endure for the next two to three decades. This transformation will lead us not just to sustainability but to a carbon-neutral world. The transformation will follow multiple paths, many of them founded on technology. To know where a path leads we need to understand the technology that drives it.


Our Primary Objective

The primary aim of STA*Research is to provide the industry with insights into the role of technology and its exploitation in the achievement of competitive advantage.  In a time of rapid transformation it is essential to know which technologies are leading change, what are their potential effects on the world, and what is on the immediate horizon for each technology.We analyze emerging technologies and their relevance to markets, products and applications, leveraging our extensive data bases and proprietary methodologies to deliver specialized advice on strategy development and enhanced sustainability.

Our Partners

For large and complex projects we usually ally with EnerChemTek, Inc, of Toronto, and with them can address a wide range of projects for the petrochemicals and energy industries. EnerChemTek is a digital technology-based company providing Expert Knowledge on Demand in the energy, petrochemicals and energy intensive industries vertical, particularly:

  • Key energy sectors: upstream oil, gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas); refinery products; electric power; and renewable energies
  • The chemical/petrochemical industry
  • Select energy-intensive industries: cement, lime, steel, minerals, glass, pulp & paper, and others

STA and EnerChemTek have jointly provided multi-year consulting services supporting development of cracker complexes and their substituent units. We have also published several multi-client studies on emerging polyethylene technologies and, in particular, on the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene - UHMWPE - industry.

Talk To Us

For further information, please contact Ken Sinclair, Principal, at:


2849 Lakeview Drive SE

Lacey, Washington 98503